September 03, 2010

Jonathan Popple Was Smoking The Good Stuff - Jailed After Shooting Hole In Floor Believing He Was Shooting At An Alien

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Baraboo, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Jonathan Popple, a 26-year-old Wisconsin man was jailed Saturday after he reportedly smoked pot and then shot a hole into the floor, thinking he was shooting an alien.

According to Baraboo Police, officers were dispatched when a neighbor reported hearing gunshots coming from inside the building.

Officers arrived to find Popple, who explained that he had been smoking pot since waking up that day - and decided being stoned was an excellent time to clean his gun.

Investigators say Popple described a sudden sensation of standing on a rock, looking down at an alien he had seen in a movie. That's when he reportedly pointed his gun at the aberration and fired. The bullet reportedly went through Popple's floor and into the basement.

Popple said he snapped out of it enough to realize that his brother was in the basement, so he ran downstairs to make sure he was okay.

When officers searched the premises for the alien inducing pot, Popple reportedly complained that he owed money for it, and that if they took it he wouldn't be able to pay what he owned.

Investigators explained that officer bleeding heart was off-duty that day and commenced with their search anyway.

Police reportedly found an electronic scale, a cigarette roller and four quarter-ounce bags of marijuana in Popple's room.

Popple was booked into the Sauk County Jail on charges of possession with intent to deliver and possessing a firearm while intoxicated. Popple remains incarcerated despite a $250 bond.

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