September 15, 2010

Jennifer Gille Stripped Naked Before Fleeing In A Stolen Cab

Covington, Louisiana (The Weekly Vice) - Jennifer Gille, a 29-year-old Michigan woman, was arrested early Saturday after she allegedly became agitated, stripped naked in the back of a cab and then stole the cab while the driver was seeking police assistance.

According to Covington Police, Gille requested a cab ride from a local motel to an address on Harrison avenue, however when the cab arrived at it's destination, Gille reportedly had a change of plans.

Investigators say Gille refused to exit the cab, demanding that the driver take her to Michigan. When the driver refused, Gille reportedly began "acting crazy" while removing articles of clothing.

That's when the cab driver transported the woman to the Covington police station where he planned to get an officer's assistance with removing Gille from his cab.

While the driver was inside the station summoning police, the now naked Gille reportedly hopped into the driver's seat and fled the scene with the cab.

She was later apprehended about a block from the police station, still naked, but she had climbed back into the back seat of the taxi.

Officers re-dressed Gille after forcibly removing her from the cab. Alcohol and possible drug use is believed to have been a factor in Gille's alleged behavior.

Gille was booked in the St. Tammany Parish Jail and charged with unauthorized use of a movable, theft, and obscenity. Bond information is not currently available.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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