September 21, 2010

James Johnson - Sentenced To Life In Prison After Molesting And Pimping Daughter Out As Prostitute

Atlanta, Georgia (The Weekly Vice) - James Howard Johnson, a 49-year-old Atlanta man was sentenced to life in jail Monday after he was found guilty of molesting his 7-old-daughter for years and then pimping her out as prostitute when she got older..

According to Atlanta police, Johnson began molesting his stepdaughter at the age of seven - continuing the abuse up until her teen years when he reportedly began pimping her out as a prostitute while throwing various sex parties.

Johnson reportedly used drugs and alcohol to subdue the girl while forcing her to recruit four of her friends for prostitution services.

Investigators say the abuse was brought to light in 2007 when the victim ran away to her aunt's home in Missouri and told her story. She received counseling, and has recently graduated from high school with honors. She is now attending a private university on scholarship.

Johnson was arrested in 2008 and booked into jail and charged with 17 felony counts ranging from rape, to child molestation, to pimping and pandering, . He was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison plus 87 years.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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