September 27, 2010

Gregory Streater - Jailed After Burglarizing Former Mother-In-Law’s Home Wearing Women’s Clothing

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Oklahoma City, OK (The Weekly Vice) - Gregory Streater, a 26-year-old Oklahoma City man was jailed Friday after his ex-mother-in-law woke up to find him standing over her wearing women's clothes and high heels.

According to Oklahoma City Police, ex-mother-in-law Charlotte Palmer awoke around 8 a.m. Friday to find a man hunched down beside her bed wearing a white lace top, black Capri pants, pantyhose, high heels and a stocking cap.

"I thought my son had come into my room to get his lunch money," Palmer said. "I really don't know why I didn't jump on (Streater) and start beating him up."

Investigators say Streater then stood up holding an article of clothing and walked out of the room. Palmer looked around her room to find women's clothing scattered on the floor.

When police arrived, Streater reportedly took off wearing the clothes and high heels. He was found by police hiding behind bushes two blocks away. Police cornered him as he attempted to hobble away in one high-heel shoe.

Palmer said she didn't recognize Streater at first, but later realized it was him that was in her home - most likely trying to steal her clothing.

"My first instincts when I talked to my daughter, I said, 'The only guy I know that dresses up in women's clothes is my ex-son-in-law. That's why he's my EX son-in-law,'" said Palmer.

Streater was booked into jail on a charge of burglary.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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