September 27, 2010

Florida Man Decapitated After Being Pulled Head First Into Wood Chipper

Miguel Vargas, photographed above wearing a grey shirt in Sept. 2008

Tampa, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Miguel Vargas, a 44-year-old Tampa area tree trimmer is now dead after he was beheaded by a wood chipper while attempted to grind tree branches at a Tampa area golf course.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Miguel was working with a five-man team hired to trim trees at a local golf course when the fatal accident occurred.

Detectives say Vargas was feeding bundles of tree branches into a wood chipper when he somehow became entangled in rope that was drawn into the machine's blade assembly. Before anyone could react, the force of the machine pulled Vargas head first into the chipper's blades.

The tree service company's owner, Dwayne Wilson stated that the incident happened so quickly, he was unable to shut the machine down in time.

"It was too late. I mean, when I heard the rope go through, I heard a piece of metal and ran back to shut the machine down," said Wilson. "and when I did, I looked and saw him on the ground."

Vargas, who worked for Wilson's tree service for 7 years, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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