September 30, 2010

Carol Schnuphase - Jailed After Convincing Son He Had Cancer In An Effort To Solicit Donations

Roseville, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Carol Lynn Schnuphase, a 47-year-old Michigan woman was charged Friday after she allegedly convinced her son he had leukemia, forced him to shave his hair and eyebrows and even drugged his food in an effort to solicit donations for a disease the boy never had.

According to Macomb County prosecutors, Schnuphase used her son to rake in at least $8,000 in charitable donations after she paraded her son around, claiming that he was near death in his battle against cancer.

Investigators say Schnuphase told the boy he had cancer, forced him to shave his head and eyebrows and drugged his applesauce in an attempt to make it appear he was under chemotherapy.

Schnuphase also posted on her Facebook account that the boy was near death - soliciting donations of any kind from anyone who would listen, police say. Schnuphase reportedly accepted $7,000 in donations that had been collected by a church.

Detectives interviewed members of Schnuphase' own family who said they genuinely thought the boy had cancer - never suspecting a thing until she told them that the boy had died.

"I was absolutely convinced of it until after he supposedly died, and she decided with no thought there's not going to be a funeral," said a family member who wished to remain anonymous.

Schnuphase was booked into jail on charges of child abuse and taking money under false pretenses.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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