September 17, 2010

Bethany Storro - Alleged Acid Attack Victim - Confesses To Making Up Entire Story

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Vancouver, Washington (The Weekly Vice) - Bethany Storro, the 28-year-old Washington woman who told police she was attacked by an acid throwing woman late last month, has a new surprise for you.

That woman who allegedly popped out of nowhere and threw a cup of skin melting acid all over Storro's face? Yeah, that one...

The one half the country has been looking for.

As it turns out, the woman never existed and the alleged attack never happened.

While the injuries to Bethany Storro's face are quite real, the drama-poached story behind how they were inflicted has now crashed head on into a truth.

You guessed it folks. Apparently Bethany Storro attacked her own face with acid and then blamed the entire incident on a fictitious assailant.

Investigators say Storro admitted to making up the entire incident after details of her story began to skew in directions that didn't match up with the realities of physics.

Investigators will soon try to figure out what elves of insanity could have crawled into this woman's brain to evoke such behavior, but that must wait for now.

The first order of business, according to detectives, is getting the news of the hoax out to the media in an effort to set the record straight. The fear of copycat acid attacks have been a very real concern to police, since non-ordinary crimes like these tend to attract more media attention and those who commit crimes to gain that attention.

Storro previously told Vancouver Police that she was on her way to buy coffee at a Starbucks around 7:15 p.m on August 30, when an African-American woman with a pony tail walked up to her and said “Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?”

The woman then allegedly splashed a cup full of acid on Storro’s face and blouse. As the acid seared and bubbled on Storro’s skin, she reportedly tore off her smoldering blouse and used it to wipe as much of the acid off her face as she could.

A good Samaritan who came to her aid, called 911.

In the days that followed, Storro posed for pictures before surgery and held a widely televised press conference afterwards.

Storro made the empty skirt reporters misty eyed when she stated that with time she “would forgive” her attacker. Her father beamed beside her - proud of his daughter's positive attitude and seemingly unshakable faith.

Storro's story began to fall apart, however, when investigators noticed the splash patterns of the acid were not consistent with Storro's account of how the occurred. Detectives believed the patterns were more consistent with acid being poured or rubbed on her skin, as opposed to being splashed on her face.

A large part of Storro's account of what happened centered on a pair of sunglasses that Storro claimed to have purchased just 20 minutes prior to the alleged attack. Detectives wondered why a woman would be compelled to buy and then wear sunglasses when it was almost dark outside.

Also, the wounds on Storro's face existed in places the large framed sunglasses would have covered - had she been wearing them at a time acid was splashed from an adjacent attacker.

Detectives then conducted a search of Storro's home, and while they did not find an acid-strength substance inside the residence, a Storro confession soon followed.

As detectives try to untangle the crossed wires in Storro's head long enough to identify what her motive was - prosecutors are looking at the case to determine what charges - if any - will be filed.

"She is extremely upset. She is very remorseful," said Commander Marla Schuman. "She's got a fragile mental state at this point."

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

We should say so, Commander Schuman. Fragile like an egg with a half baked chicken inside it. We'll be waiting to hear the motive on this one.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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