September 10, 2010

Angela And Brian Dean Raised Their Kids In A Rat Cemetery

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Fort Wayne, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Angela Dean, 44, and her husband, Brian Dean, 49 were charged Tuesday after they allegedly forced their children to live in a home filled with rodents, roaches, trash, and debris to the point where there was no place to sleep or even use the bathroom.

According to Fort Wayne police, officers went to the Dean's home in response to a 911 call. When deputies entered the home, they found it to be infested with cockroaches and rats due to the large amount of trash, clothing, and debris strung throughout the home.

Investigators say the family had difficulties navigating the home because of the thickness of debris and trash on the floor. Stacks of garbage in the laundry room and bathroom made bathing virtually impossible.

The home smelled of spoiled food and garbage. A rat's entrails, and half eaten head was found in the kitchen. Investigators believe the family refused to remove the rodent's remains after a cat had partially consumed it.

One of the children stated that the reason the house was such a mess is because her family "just didn't like to clean," and admitted that she had also thrown trash on the floor.

Indiana Department of Child Services were contacted, and the children were placed in protective custody. Social workers stated that the family had been told to clean up their home in the past and complied, but couldn't keep it clean because of Mrs. Dean's so-called "health concerns," and Mr. Dean's alleged "heart issues."

The home was so bad that it had to be condemned. It has since been cleaned up and is now for rent. (any takers out there?)

The Deans were booked into the Allen County Jail and charged with three counts each of neglect of a dependent. They are being held in lieu of $7,500 bail.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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