August 03, 2010

Two Sisters Get Short Sentences After Stabbing Boyfriend In The Groin, Refusing Medical Care As He Bled To Death

Manchester, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Samantha Brown, a 20-year-old Manchester, England woman was jailed after she killed her boyfriend by stabbing him in the groin. Her sister, 24-year-old Toni Brown was jailed after she left him to die, bleeding from the stab wound.

According to Manchester Crown Court Prosecutors, Samantha Brown (right) and her boyfriend had been at her sister's house drinking when the boyfriend allegedly caught Brown in a compromising position with another woman at the house.

Investigators say Brown became irate when her boyfriend, identified as 23-year-old Dean Darvill, accused her of being a lesbian.

That's when Brown reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her boyfriend in the groin. She then reportedly fled the scene.

Prosecutors told the court that Darvill begged sister Tori Brown (left) to get an ambulance, however the woman refused. She also reportedly stopped another woman in the house from calling an ambulance.

An hour later the woman called Darvill's family and told them about the incident, but when the family begged her to call an ambulance she refused. When they asked her for the address, she again refused.

After another hour had passed, the woman finally called an ambulance however the victim had lost a large amount of blood and died as a result of his injury.

Tori Brown reportedly told the court she refused to contact emergency services because she was afraid it would wake her son who was asleep in an upstairs bedroom.

Toni Brown was sentenced to just four years after refusing to seek medical care for the victim, while sister Samantha was jailed for just five years after inflicting the fatal stab wound.

Both sisters sobbed during sentencing while members of Darvill's family shouted "Murderers, I hope you die" from the courtroom gallery.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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