August 09, 2010

Two Assclowns Jailed After Pimping Out Underage Mentally Handicapped Girl - Stealing Her Earnings

Chicago, IL (The Weekly Vice) - Cornelius Mondane, 45 and Shermile Patterson, 41 were arrested Friday after they allegedly pimped out a 15-year-old mentally handicapped girl as a prostitute.

According to Chicago Police, investigators noticed a young girl dressed in only a bra and fishnet stalkings, flagging down cars late Thursday night.

When investigators questioned the girl, she told them her pimp, later identified as Mondane, was standing nearby. She later explained that she had been working for Mondane and Patterson for about three weeks.

Investigators say the girl told them the couple would pick her up, supply her clothes and a cell phone and then assign her a street to work. At the conclusion of her shifts, they would take her money and giver her marijuana or alcohol as payment.

When investigators searched the couple's car, they found the girl's clothing just as the girl had described.

Mondane and Patterson were booked into jail on felony charges of involuntary sexual servitude of a minor and human trafficking.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Well it's about damn time a police department somewhere had the cojones to pick a set of charges that fit the crime. Although I'd take it a step further and serve a charge for each and every time these jackhoes took the girl out to"work". With any luck, Mondane will continue his prostitution services in cell block A - where a dropped bar of soap is always a good excuse for a party. Patterson, on the other hand, should spend the next few decades starching prison panties.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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