August 10, 2010

Tonia And Anthony Did The Down And Dirty In The Down And Dirty - Charged With Having Outdoor Sex While Children Watched

Franklin/Hinrichs Police Press Release
Tonia Franklin MySpace

Madison, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Tonia Franklin, 32 and Anthony Hinrichs, 23, were arrested Monday after they allegedly decided to get down and dirty at a public park while children at a nearby community center watched.

According to Madison Police, officers were dispatched after witnesses reported a man and woman having sex in a field at Warner Park.

Investigators say officers arrived on scene to find a group of 10 people watching while Franklin and Hinrichs rolled around in the grass having sex. A group of children inside a community center just 35 feet away also watched as the grass and dirt covered couple carried on.

The couple reportedly tried to walk away from the approaching officers but were later arrested. Franklin reportedly put up a struggle, spitting on both officers and biting the hand of one.

Franklin was booked into jail on charges of fornication, battery to a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Hinrichs was booked on charges of fornication and resisting arrest.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

I'm wondering what underwear drawer those prison shirts came from. I'd say the jail has two fantastic candidates for the prison clothes press

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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