August 23, 2010

Thomas Ampe Beat, Bruised And Broke His Baby Daughter 56 Times - Mother Says “He’s A Good Father”

Savage, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Thomas Ampe, a 22-year-old Savage man, was charged Wednesday after he allegedly beat his 4-week-old daughter so severely, she had 56 fractured bones and three areas of bleeding to her brain.

According to Savage police, officers were dispatched after received a report that a 4-week-old baby girl with Downs Syndrome and her mother were being transported to another hospital so the baby could be treated for a fractured rib and multiple areas of bruising.

When the baby arrived for treatment, medical staff found 56 fractured bones in her ribs, legs, arms, and knees. An MRI showed 3 areas of the brain that were bleeding, according to police.

Authorities say that Ampe admitted to police that he abused his daughter because he couldn't stand her long bouts of crying and that he may have squeezed her on at least one occasion.

Ampe also allegedly admitted to shoving a bottle in the baby's mouth so hard that it separated her upper lip from the gum, causing it to bleed, police say.

Detectives say that Ampe admitted that he would squeeze her, grab her arms and wrists, flip her over, hit her on top of the head with an open hand, give her “a little bit of a shake,” and drop her on her back from as high as 1 foot above the baby bed.

According to the criminal complaint, the mother of the infant states that Ampe is "a good father, but with very little experience caring for babies."

“In my 33 years [as a police officer] this is the most severe case of child abuse I have ever seen,” said Savage police Capt. Dave Muelken. “This was an extremely serious case that required careful and compassionate investigation by our officers.”

Ampe was booked in the Scott County Jail and charged with first degree assault. Bail was set at $50,000 which Ampe has since posted and he has been released.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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