August 16, 2010

Ronald “Boobie” McIntyre Jumped From A Third Story Window, Crawled On Broken Legs, To Avoid Paying Child Support

Chicago, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Ronald “Boobie” McIntyre, a 35-year-old North Chicago man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly jumped from a third-story window to avoid paying child support.

According to the Cook County Sheriff's Department, deputies attempted to apprehend McIntyre for non-payment of child support in the amount of $5,979.66.

When officers arrived at the third-floor apartment McIntyre was reportedly staying at, a woman answered the door and stated that she didn't know where the suspect was located. However, she let the officers inside the residence for a search.

Investigators say a child at the residence pointed at an open window. When officers looked down, they saw McIntyre laying on the ground below on what looked like grass, but was actually turf covering concrete. As officers approached McIntyre, they were unable to reach him due to a locked wrought iron gate. The injured suspect attempted to crawl away, hoping to elude authorities. However, he landed close enough to the gate for officers to handcuff him to the fence until security arrived to unlock it.

McIntyre was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and treated for multiple compound fractures to both legs, among other injuries. He remained hospitalized Wednesday, and will be allowed to remain free until his next court date on October 19th.

McIntyre has a lengthy criminal past, including 21 assault convictions, 39 obstruction of justice convictions, and 20 convictions of invasion of privacy, according to the sheriff's office.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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