August 05, 2010

Police Officer Jeffery Westerman Wanted To “Cop” A Feel - Charged With Exchanging Sexual Favors For DUI Arrest

Provo, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Jeffery Westerman, a 33-year-old former Provo police officer, was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly let a DUI driver go in exchange for fondling her breasts.

According to Utah County police, Westerman allegedly investigated a minor traffic accident involving two cars. He let one vehicle leave the scene and told the second driver that he would have to charge her with a felony unless she let him see her breasts.

Investigators say Westerman drove the woman's vehicle to a nearby parking lot where he proceeded to fondle her breasts. When she put her shirt back down, Westerman reportedly told her she'd have to let him fondle them again because he would have to explain to superiors why he let a DUI driver drive home.

The victim allegedly allowed Westerman to "cop" a second feel and was released to go home, according to authorities.

The victim contacted the Sheriff's Office the next day to report the incident.

Authorities say Westerman gave a different version of events and provided false statements to deputies but local security camera footage corroborated the woman's testimony and Westerman was terminated from his position last week.

"Here, we have a public figure who is sworn to uphold and protect laws, and it's of great concern to the state that he's alleged to have abused those powers," deputy Utah County attorney Craig Johnson said. "We want to hold him accountable."

Westerman had been an officer with the Provo Police Department since 2006.

Westerman was arrested by Utah County officers but is being held in Juab County for his protection on investigation of forcible sexual abuse and obstruction of justice. He was released after posting $1,000 of his $10,000 bond.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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