August 04, 2010

Michael Edwards - Jailed After Allegedly Squirting Semen On Woman Out Shopping For Groceries

Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. MySpace

Gaithersburg, Maryland (The Weekly Vice) - Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., a 28-year-old Maryland man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly "sprayed" a woman with semen while she was out shopping for groceries.

According to Gaithersburg Police, a woman had finished shopping and was standing in a checkout lane at a Giant Food Store when Edwards reportedly began starring at her.

When she finished paying and exited the store, Edwards allegedly followed close behind until she was clear of the doors. That's when he reportedly pulled out a plastic spray bottle and sprayed the woman's back with a liquid substance that was later found to be human semen.

Investigators say several witnesses saw Edwards hop into a gray vehicle and flee the scene.

After a two-week investigation, police have been able to confirm the substance as human semen and have subsequently identified the pervert who assaulted a woman with it.

An interview revealed there are additional victims who have yet to be identified.

Edwards, meanwhile, has been booked into jail on a charge of second-degree assault. Additional charges are expected to be forthcoming.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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