August 04, 2010

Maria Chrysson, Dubbed The ‘Botox Bandit’, Nabbed After Running Up Thousands Of Dollars In Cosmetic Surgery Treatments She Didn’t Pay For

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Miami Beach, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Maria Chrysson, a 29-year-old Florida woman dubbed as the 'Botox Bandit' was arrested Monday after she allegedly received thousands of dollars in cosmetic treatments that she didn't pay for.

According to Miami Police, Chrysson was nabbed at a restaurant Monday night after police were alerted to her whereabouts. But when cops moved in for the arrest, Chrysson had one major complaint. Where is the media? Why aren't they here?

"She likes the attention, apparently," said Miami spokesman Napier Velazquez, who explained Chrysson's infatuation with the media attention she's received for her alleged crimes

"She likes the publicity, she was looking for (the media) yesterday," said Teresita Lopez of the Miami Police Department. "She requested that the media be contacted."

Police sought to arrest Chrysson after she received thousands of dollars in Botox and other cosmetic procedures over the past year. One Miami-based cosmetic surgery clinic provided more than $4,000 worth of treatments that were never paid for.

Police are investigating at least two other cases where cosmetic surgery centers were defrauded or stiffed after treatments were rendered. In each case Chrysson allegedly bounced checks or simply walked out to avoid paying the bill.

After her arrest, Chrysson reportedly asked Miami police if she could check her Facebook account to see if people were aware she had been arrested.

Well Maria, welcome to The Weekly Vice. Enjoy the mugshot flash!

Chrysson was booked into jail on three counts of grand theft and one count of scheming to defraud. Additional charges may be pending.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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