August 04, 2010

John Vang And Thong Vue Got Themselves Into A Bugaboo - Jailed After Chaining Boy To Table For Two Days

Sacramento, CA (The Weekly Vice) - Sacramento couple, John Vang, 40 and Thong Vue, 34, were arrested Friday after they allegedly chained a 13-year-old boy to a kitchen table for two days as punishment - releasing him only to sleep, eat and use the restroom.

According to Sacramento Police, officers were alerted after a 13-year old boy was spotted wandering the streets Friday night with with chains fastened to his wrists, ankles and neck.

Investigators say the boy's father reportedly chained his son to the kitchen table for misbehaving while the boy's stepmother failed to intervene. The boy reportedly escaped captivity after finding a padlock key while the couple gambled at a local casino.

At one point the boy approached a neighbor to ask if she had a chain cutter. She told the boy she didn't have anything she could help him with.

"He walked away slowly because of the chains," said the neighbor who later expressed regret for not contacting police

The boy reportedly sustained bruising to his legs, arms and neck from the chains. It is also believed he has been chained and assaulted by his father on previous occasions.

Vang and Vue were booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of child cruelty and false imprisonment. They were released after posting bail on Saturday.

The boy is currently residing with his biological mother pending a review of the case.

Crystal Avalon
The Weekly Vice

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