August 02, 2010

The Horror..... Michael Lacy Allegedly Impregnates 11-Year-Old Girl During Sleepover With Daughter.... Says He Thought It Was His Wife

Saint Albans, West Virginia (The Weekly Vice) - Michael Lacy, a 36-year-old Saint Albans man, has been jailed after he allegedly impregnated an 11-year-old girl who was staying the night with his daughter.

According to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office, the victim was staying the night, as she had done before, with Lacy's daughter in his apartment while he slept on the couch. Only, on one particular sleepover, Lacy allegedly crept into his daughter's friend's bed and had sex with her.

Investigators say the child learned she was 9-weeks pregnant and told authorities what had happened and that Lacy was the only man with whom she had ever slept.

Lacy blamed the girl for initiating the sexual acts, stating that he awoke to the feeling of someone kissing his neck. He stated that he just assumed it was his wife and reciprocated the kissing while dozing in and out of sleep.

Deputies say Lacy would not positively confirm or deny that he actually had intercourse with the victim as he claimed to have taken Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug) and Lortab (a narcotic pain reliever) that night.

Authorities say Lacy realized at some point that it was an 11-year-old girl and not his wife and the two allegedly made an agreement not to tell the victim's parents unless she became pregnant.

Lacy was booked in the West Virginia Regional Jail on a charge of felony sexual assault. His bond is set as a $5,000 cash surety bond.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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