August 26, 2010

Dan Duffy Has One Customer Who’s Not Likely Going To “Come Back”

Perry, Iowa (The Weekly Vice) - Dan Duffy, a 47-year-old Perry chiropractor, was charged earlier this month after a patient filed a police report back in January stating that Duffy allegedly ejaculated on her back during a "buttocks" massage.

According to a complaint filed in Dallas County, the victim went to see Duffy for a back injury when he allegedly concluded the treatment by masturbating and then ejaculating onto her back.

Investigators say the female victim was lying on her stomach when Duffy allegedly lifted her shirt and began massaging her lower back and buttocks.

The woman told police Duffy left the exam room for a moment, returned to the left side of the table. That's when she reportedly heard him unzip his pants and begin masturbating.

The victim's mother took her to the police station where, investigators say, she filed a complaint and officer's took a swab of her back.

According to the state's Division of Criminal Investigation lab, the substance found on the victim's back was identified as semen and the DNA reportedly matched Duffy's profile.

Duffy was charged with assault but was not arrested according to Dallas County Jail records. He entered a plea of not guilty and requested a trial by jury.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

If the Dallas County Jail database is correct, only 21 people have been arrested since late December of 2009 with zero arrests made last month. It must take a pretty serious crime to get arrested in Perry, Iowa.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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