August 02, 2010

British Women Jailed After Torturing Friend For 18 Hours Because She Slept With Ex-Boyfriend

United Kingdom (The Weekly Vice) - British women Lucy Viner-Mood, 22, and Lois Gibson, 18, were found guilty and sentenced in a UK court after they reportedly lured a "friend" into a house and then tortured her for hours after learning she had slept with an ex-boyfriend.

According to Maidstone Crown Court Prosecutors, Viner-Mood (top right) and Gibson (bottom right) lured friend Georgia Fenn (left) into an apartment the three of them shared. There the two women tortured Fenn for hours, burning and breaking her body as she cried out.

Investigators say the suspects burned Fenn with cigarettes, beat her with a metal necklace, broke her nose, shattered a tooth, cut her hair and then beat her with a stiletto high heel.

Viner-Mood then reportedly called Fenn a "Scabby Whore" before forcing her to repeatedly shout "I'm a whore with aids" for approximately 20 minutes.

The two suspects then took things up a notch by boiling hot sugar water, which they poured over the victim. When Fenn hadn't screamed enough, they reportedly poured more of the mixture on her.

The sugar water mixture coated the back of Fenn's head and neck, causing severe burns. The suspects continued the torture through the night before releasing the victim some 18 hours after the attack began.

Fenn was later found barefoot wearing only a blood soaked nightgown. She was then hospitalized for severe burns, broken bones, multiple lacerations and other injuries.

Before sentencing, Fenn read a statement aloud to the court explaining how the experience has affected her life. She now reportedly suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder which has required the us of anti-depressants to control.

"It’s been a really dreadful time and I have been really badly affected. I’m not sure I will ever be right," said Fenn

Gibson was booked into jail and charged with false imprisonment and assault causing actual bodily harm. She was sentenced to three years in a young offender institution.

Viner-Mood was booked into jail on the smae charges. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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