August 02, 2010

Alabama Woman Nearly Raped - Brother Antoine Dodson To The Rescue

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Huntsville, Alabama (The Weekly Vice) - Antoine Dodson, an Alabama man who's sister was nearly raped by an intruder, has become an overnight Internet sensation after an interview he gave to local news crews have quickly reached a fever pitch on YouTube.

According to Huntsville police, a man tried to rape Antoine's sister, Kelly Dodson, after breaking into her second story apartment. The man reportedly accessed the woman's bedroom window by climbing onto a nearby trashcan and then opening her window.

Ms. Dodson called out for help, alerting Antoine to the intruder's presence, but the suspect was able to flee the scene.

Dodson then gained Internet fame after giving a hilarious interview about the attempted rape to WAFF-48 news, making the video the most watched on and YouTube.

Athough the interview was intended to be serious, pointing out the unease brought on by increased crime in the area, there's no doubt about it.... the interview is hilarious.

The Dodsons say that they do not stay in their apartment at night, because they fear for their safety.

Ms. Dodson's attacker is still on the loose. Anyone with any information is asked to call Huntsville police at 256-427-7009 or 256-427-7114.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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