July 29, 2010

TIffany Riley Wasn’t About To Let A Child’s Broken Arm Distract Her From Eating Lunch

Andalusia, Alabama (The Weekly Vice) - Alabama couple Tiffany Riley, 20, and Jermaine Pate, 24, were arrested Friday after they allegedly broke a toddler's arm in three places, dragged the child up a flight of stairs and then locked her in a bedroom so the couple could eat without hearing the little girl cry.

According to Andalusia Police, Riley's 1-year-old daughter was injured Wednesday after tripping on the tracks of a sliding glass door. Riley took her daughter to the hospital where the child was treated for bruising to her face.

While at the hospital, doctors discovered that the child was also suffering from ear infections in both ears.

Investigators say Riley became agitated the next day when the little girl began to cry. That's when she reportedly grabbed the child by the arm, breaking it in three places. She then allegedly dragged the child up a flight of stairs and then locked her in a bedroom so that she and her boyfriend could finish their lunch in peace.

Over the following weekend, the couple routinely locked the child in a secluded downstairs bathroom so that the couple would not have to endure the sound of the child's crying.

On Monday, four days after the little girl's arm had been broken, the couple decided to bring the little girl to a doctor to see what the child's fussing was all about. The child was then taken to Sacred Heart Hospital where emergency workers determined the child's injuries were a result of alleged abuse.

Riley and her boyfriend Pate were booked in the Covington County Jail and charged with one count each of class-b felony torture/willful abuse of a child. Bond was initially set at $20,000 but was raised to $250,000 each due to the nature of the crime.

Pate faces an additional charge of violating the terms of his probation; stemming from a domestic violence charge. He is currently being held without bond.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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