July 16, 2010

Three Asshats Who Gang Raped A Teen Girl Beg To Have Case Overturned - Request Denied

Orange County, California (The Weekly Vice) - Greg Haidl, a 24-year-old sex offender partially responsible for the gang rape and humiliation of a teenage girl, pleaded with a higher court Wednesday to reverse his sex offender status. Request Denied!

Haidl, who was 17 at the time, and his two accomplices, Keith Spann, 25 and Kyle Nachreiner, 25, were convicted after they video taped themselves sexually assaulting an unconscious 16-year-old female on a pool table in his father's garage.

Investigators say the 20-minute video captured the three boys inserting items into the girl's vagina and anus, including a pool cue, a Snapple bottle and a lit cigarette. The allegations came to light when another person discovered the video and took it to police.

Haidl and his accomplices were charged as adults and found guilty in March of 2006. They were sentenced to 6 years in prison and ordered to register as sex offenders.

Haidl's father, who was the county's assistant sheriff at the time, allegedly hired private investigators who the girl says began sifting through her trash and following her to school.

Defense attorney Peter Morreale, then sought to enter the girl's sexual history into evidence and even had the audacity to ask the victim in court if she swallowed after sex, according to court records.

The boys' defense counsel argued that the girl was a willing participant to the sexual activity, however, the video showed the girl so unresponsive during her rape, investigators thought the boys were molesting a dead body when they first viewed the recording.

After serving 3 years of his 6 year sentence, Haidl asked the court to overturn his conviction, arguing that testimony of the girl's background was not allowed at trial. After the ruling was upheld, Haidl appealed the case to the California Supreme Court, begging that the case be overturned and that he not have to register as a sex offender.

Haidl recieved an answer on Wednesday as he sat perched on a chair like a Mormon choir-boy. Request denied.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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