July 21, 2010

Screaming Donkey Takes Flight Above Southern Russia Beach - Animal Cruelty Charges Are Pending

Golubitskaya, Russia (The Weekly Vice) - Sunbathers on a sandy beach in southern Russia got a front row seat (or beach towel in this case) to the unexpectedly bizarre sight of a donkey flying mid-air, attached to a para-sail.

According to police, the donkey became airborne, to it's obvious horror when local private beach owners decided to set the animal aloft as part of a publicity stunt to draw attention to their beach.

Witnesses grabbed their cameras and took photographs as the flying donkey screamed and cried, obviously horrified by the unwanted adventure.

The donkey eventually dropped onto the beachfront, where it was released from the para-sail and brought inland.

If it's attention the beach owners wanted, they certainly got it. Unfortunately for them, the stunt also attracted the attention of police who have now launched a probe into the incident.

Animal cruelty charges may be pending.

The donkey, who likely regards it's owner as a real ass at this point has reportedly survived the event.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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