July 14, 2010

Samuel Atherton Got The “Mister Lemonade” Van A-Rockin’

Taunton, MA (The Weekly Vice) - Samuel Atherton, a 20-year-old Massachusetts man, was arrested Saturday after he allegedly masturbated in front of customers and parents while dispensing chilled treats from a 'Mister Lemonade' ice cream truck.

According to Tauton police, officers were called Saturday night after witnesses observed Atherton in his van “bobbing his head up and down” with “an intense look on his face,” while vigorously moving his arm and shoulder.

When officers arrived at the scene, including one off-duty officer that happened to live on the street, Atherton allegedly told them he was actually scratching his feet because he suffers from severe athletes foot.

A minister for a local church alleges that he snuck up on Atherton who had his pants down and noted Atherton's hands in his lap with a stroking motion.

“He would look at us and the children and then look away. I thought ‘Holy Cow, something’s wrong with him — is he having a heart attack?’” stated a witness from the scene.

According to the police report, Atherton removed his shoe to show his athlete's foot and told the officers, "Look, see I’m itchy everywhere," and began scratching his arms.

Authorities say the itchiness didn't show up once Atherton was booked in jail. Officers say that a pipe and a small amount of marijuana were also found in the vehicle.

Atherton was booked in the Bristol County House of Correction and charged with open and gross lewdness. He was booked with a $2,500 bond but was released by a magistrate because he was unable to post bail.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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