July 22, 2010

Saiqa Akhter Couldn’t Be Burdened With Two Autistic Children Any More

Irving, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Saiqa Akhter, a 30-year-old Irving woman was jailed Monday after she allegedly murdered her two children because they were autistic.

According to Irving police, Akhter called 911 around 5:00 p.m. and reported that she killed her two children by strangling them to death with a wire. She told dispatchers that she first tried to force them to drink bathroom cleaner, but they refused, so she grabbed a nearby antenna wire.

When asked why she killed her children, Akhter stated that they were both autistic, and that she did not want them to live that way, and she didn't want children with disabilities.

Investigators say when officers arrived at the scene, the children were found in a bedroom, blue and unresponsive, and without a pulse. 3-year-old Faryaal Akhter was taken to Children's Medical Center in critical condition. The Dallas County medical examiner's office confirmed Wednesday that the child had died during the night.

The child's brother, 6-year-old Zain Akhter was taken to Baylor Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on Monday.

Child Protective Services had already investigated Akhter and her husband over an incident in May 2009, where they left their son at home alone so they could take their daughter to the emergency room for respiratory issues. The couple admitted their wrongdoings and promised never to do it again, and since the children were found to be in good health the case was dropped.

Akhter was booked into the Irving Jail and charged with two counts of capital murder. She remains jailed awaiting trial.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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