July 27, 2010

Kitten Found Abandoned In Library Book Drop

Cheltenham Township, PA (The Weekly Vice) - A 6 or 7-week-old striped, brown kitten has been found in a library book drop at the La Mott Community Center.

Authorities say temperatures were in the 90's when the kitten was deliberately placed inside a library book drop and left for dead.

The center closed at 9pm and it is believed that the kitten was dropped in sometime after close. A maintenance worker discovered the kitten at 7:30am the next morning due to it's mewing.

Kelly Rebitz, an employee for the La Mott Community Center, stated, "He investigated, and lo and behold, it was a kitty."

The kitten was retrieved from the box and taken to the SPCA.

Officials state that the kitten, who has been given a 70% chance of surviving the ordeal, is suffering from dehydration, an eye infection, and diarrhea.

SPCA authorities believe that locating the perpetrator will be difficult unless someone saw it happen or comes forward. Anyone with information can call the SPCA at 610-825-0111.

At least it wasn't the same book drop that Joy Cassidy was dumping her corn syrup in or it could have been a very sticky situation for the kitty.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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