July 22, 2010

Kevin Cory And Nicolette Gonyea Had A Severe Case Of Tunnel Vision

Nicolette Gonyea Facebook
Nicolette Gonyea Facebook2

Springfield, Massachusetts (The Weekly Vice) - Kevin Cory, 19, and Nicolette Gonyea, 18, were jailed after they allegedly attempted to use heroin at a KFC, failing to notice the police patrol cruiser they had just pulled up next to.

According to the Springfield Police Department, Cory and Gonyea pulled into a parking spot at Kentucky Fried Chicken on State Street. Unaware that they parked next to detectives that were there for a dinner break, the couple pulled out a bag of what appeared to be heroin.

Investigators say detectives watched as the couple proceeded to the restaurant's bathroom. An undercover officer followed the couple and watched as the prepared to inject heroin. The couple entered a whole new level of awareness when the officer slapped on the cuffs and placed them in the patrol car - which was still sitting right next to their car.

Cory and Gonyea were booked into jail and charged with possession of a class A substance.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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