July 22, 2010

Johnathan Richardson - Charged With Murder After Sexually Abusing, Torturing Little Girl To Death

Smithfield, North Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Johnathan Richardson, a 21-year-old Smithfield man, has been arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted and tortured a 4-year-old little girl in his care; which resulted in her death.

According to the Johnston County Sheriffs Office, Richardson was caring for 4-year-old Teghan Alyssa Skiba while her mother was away at military training. Arrest warrants indicate the dates of offense being over just 2 days.

Authorities say prior to the assaults, Richardson was caring for the girl in his barn apartment behind his grandparents house. Richardson allegedly had no bathroom or running water and he and the girl slept on an air mattress.

Investigators say Richardson took the girl to the hospital saying she had hurt herself falling off a bed in his apartment.

The hospital allegedly contacted the Sheriff's Department after finding that the girl had severe head trauma, cuts, lacerations, bite marks, and evidence of sexual abuse, reports say.

Authorities say the girl was airlifted to another hospital and her mother was on her way to be with her. The child died Monday evening from her injuries.

Sheriff Steve Bizell stated that Richardson showed no remorse when he learned of the girls death.

Richardson was reportedly found guilty in 2008 of assault on a female and ordered to enter abuser treatment and domestic violence programs.

He was originally booked in the Johnson County Jail on felony child abuse with a $1 million dollar bond but since the girl's death, authorities have added the charge of first degree murder and have removed his bond option.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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