July 29, 2010

James Holsten Was Hopping Mad - Jailed After Jumping On patrol Cars Just moments After His Release From Jail

Stafford, Virginia (The Weekly Vice) - James Holsten, a 27-year-old Virginia man, was jailed just minutes after being released from jail after he allegedly threw an idiot-sized tantrum because the jail didn't give him back his knife.

According to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office, Holsten was being released from the Rappahannock Regional Jail when he flew into a rage because the jail didn't return to him a knife he believe the jail owed him.

Investigators say Holsten's decided to demonstrate his anger by jumping on the hoods of three patrol cruisers that belonged to the jail. He was apprehended, but not before causing thousands of dollars in damage to the vehicles.

Holsten was originally booked into jail on a public intoxication charge. He now faces new charges of felony destruction of property and a misdemeanor destruction of property charge.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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