July 29, 2010

James Burden, Dubbed The “Naked Trampoline Man”, Avoids Jail Time After Woman Catches Him Masturbating On Trampoline

Falkirk, UK (The Weekly Vice) - James Burden, a 55-year-old UK man narrowly avoided jail time Thursday after he was found guilty of masturbating while bouncing on a trampoline.

According to Falkirk prosecutors, police were called when a woman woke up early on March 25th to find Burden bouncing on a trampoline outside her window.

Investigators say the woman watched as Burden bounced on the tramp with a lit cigarette in one hand and his penis in the other.

He then reportedly crawled down from the trampoline and walked towards the woman's home, prompting her to call police

Falkirk Sheriff Court prosecutors say Burden admitted to the spectacle, claiming he did it "Just for the thrill of it."

Burden later pleaded guilty to one count of publicly exposing his 'person' in a shameless and indecent manner, and approaching his neighbour's house and placing the occupant in a state of fear and alarm.

During the sentencing phase of his case, Burden attempted to withdraw his guilty plea, however the request was denied.

The court sentenced Burden three years probation, but left him with this warning. "Breach the probation in any way and you may be removed from the community."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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