July 05, 2010

Giant Beaver Invades Bemidji, Minnesota - Town In Uproar

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Bemidji, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - The sleepy bedroom town of Bemidji, Minnesota prides itself on its history and cultural diversity. It's a place where log cabins meet the techno-centres of three fairly large schools... and standing between them is the town's landmark attraction. A giant statue of Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox, Babe.

Suffice to say, the town is well tried in its tolerance of social and political influences.

The final straw came, however, when the city commissioned several artists to paint nine giant ceramic beavers for the town's most prominent downtown attraction - The Bemidji Sculpture Walk.

Traditionally, the town's Sculpture Walk has routinely displayed relic-like pieces similar to the hammered tin artifacts you'd normally expect in a town that grew up around its logging industry. But this year, beavers are stealing the show. One beaver in particular.

Planted among beavers that were painted with depictions of trees, fish or forests sat a beaver who's artwork sent the contemplative town of Bemidji into an uproar. This particular beaver seems to have been painted with what appears to be a ...... well a ...... umm yeah.

The image of a completely different kind of beaver.

It didn't take long before City Hall's phone was ringing with angry voices demanding that the naughty beaver be banished. And so it was.

City workers were ordered to haul the 4 foot beaver away. Case closed, move on, right?

Ehh, not exactly.

The beaver hadn't been banished long before a crowd gathered downtown demanding that the city bring the beaver back. Some carried signs accusing city leaders of censorship. Banishing the beaver is thong... err, umm wrong, they said.

While some insisted the beaver depicted a pair of praying hands, others insisted it was obviously a woman's vagina.

When city leaders asked the artist what the hell her artwork was supposed to be, she puzzled them further by stating "My intent was to paint mother nature.....My intent was to paint a praying woman."

Here on The Weekly Vice, we call that beating around the bush - pun intended.

Regardless of what you call it....one thing is for certain. The sleepy town of Bemidji is wide awake now. And they have a beaver's beaver to thank for it.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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