July 31, 2010

Feed Us Crime Stories - Here's Where To Submit Your Stories

Beginning this weekend, The Weekly Vice will be accepting your crime and nutty news story submissions through The Weekly Vice Facebook Fan site.

We've chosen this avenue for story submissions because it's fast and easy. It also enables other readers to access and comment on your story submissions using a universal format they're familiar with.

We realize that not everyone has a Facebook page, however, it takes about as much time to set up a quick Facebook profile as it would take to create a new forum login.

Coincidentally, if you haven't yet added The Weekly Vice Fan Site to your Facebook 'Like' list, all you have to do is click the 'like' button on the widget to the right.

We'll be doing some things with Facebook that you've never seen us do on The Weekly Vice website.

Lastly, please feel free to add me, Danny Vice, to your Facebook friend's list.

I've enjoyed getting to know our readers a little better over these past couple of weeks and look forward to meeting you =)

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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