July 12, 2010

Erica Williams’ Air Conditioning Was Running, But Her Motor Was Turned Off

Harvey, Louisiana (The Weekly Vice) – Erica Williams, a 27-year-old Louisiana woman, was arrested Friday after her 3-year-old child was found wandering a casino parking lot while she was inside.

According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Deputies were alerted about 11:30 a.m. when a casino patron found Williams' 3-year-old son wandering the Boomtown Casino parking lot.

The boy was found overheated and had apparently wet himself.

About a half hour later, Williams arrived at the security desk reporting that her son was missing from her car. It was then she admitted to abandoning the boy in her car around 10 a.m. so that she could go into the casino.

Investigators say Williams told them that she left the keys in the car's ignition with the air conditioning running - but authorities found the engine turned off.

The child was examined by EMS and turned over to child protection. He was then placed in the custody of his grandmother, who officers summoned to the scene.

Williams was booked into jail on a charge of child abandonment.

Vanessa Fox
The Weekly Vice

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