July 26, 2010

Brian Luedeker - Jailed After A Donned Thong Went Way, Way Wrong

Madeira, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) Brian Luedeker, a 37-year-old Ohio man was jailed Wednesday after he donned a thong and did something way, way wrong.

According to Madeira police, officers were dispatched when Luedeker's neighbor's found him in masturbating while peeking into a window of their home.

Reportedly, Luedeker was nearly naked, wearing nothing but a black thong.

Investigators say Luedeker's voyeurism was spotted by a teenager who was alerted by a dog's relentless barking.

"I do not find it amusing. I do not find it funny at all," said Holly Abner, a neighbor who didn't appreciate Luedeker's antics on bit. "You should be able to get the answers to the quetions that you need and not have it be the next joke of the day."

Luedeker was booked into jail on charges of public indecency, criminal trespassing and voyeurism. He has since been released and is scheduled to appear in court on August 27.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Hey Holly... what answers could possibly come from a sight like that. Laugh. life is far to short not to.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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