June 30, 2010

William Gowdy Learned The Hard Way That “Finders” Does Not Mean “Keepers”

Canton, Georgia (The Weekly Vice) – William Gowdy, a 31-year-old Georgia man, was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly housed a 16-year-old-girl for 11 days after finding her in his car.

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department, 16-year-old Casey Gardner ran away from home June 17 after she was grounded the night before.

Gowdy met Gardner for the first time when he found her hiding in her car.

Investigators say police were tipped off to the teen’s whereabouts and were given an address to investigate. While waiting for backup units to arrive, detectives saw a vehicle leaving the house. Officers blocked the vehicle and found Gardner hiding in the back seat.

Police say Gardner, who did not know Gowdy prior to the incident, willingly entered Gowdy's vehicle and had been staying at his home since June 18. Officials said there was no indication that Gardner was being held against her will.

Police also say Gowdy was aware that she was a runaway and “chose not to contact law enforcement.”

Gowdy was booked into the Cherokee Adult Detention Center on charges of interference with custody and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is being held without bond.

Gardner was booked into the Paulding Youth Detention Center on a charge of runaway and unruly child.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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