June 12, 2010

The Weekly Vice Has Come To Facebook

(The Weekly Vice) - Thanks to you, more and more of our visitors are arriving to The Weekly Vice through Facebook. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to share our stories with their friends using this awesome social networking tool.

Because so many of our regular readers use Facebook, we've decided to set up a Weekly Vice fan page which will enable us to export our stories to the Facebook platform.

We've integrated several new tools into TWV recently that allow readers more control over the conversation and a greater ability to communicate with each other. We hope adding Facebook to the community will help in that regard.

To be a part of the community, simply log into your Facebook page and click the "like" button on the right. If there's a Facebook feature you'd like us to add, send Danny Vice an email and I'll try to figure out how to implement it.

As always thank you for making The Weekly Vice a part of your day.

Join the discussion. Click comments link below and fire away!

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