June 08, 2010

Theodore Milner Learned You Shouldn’t Flag A Cop Down For A Ride If You Have Warrants For Your Arrest

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Theodore Milner, a 21-year-old Philadelphia man, was jailed after he allegedly flagged down a cop for a ride, not thinking that a cop just might check his name for warrants.... Oops, what do we have here? A little marijuana? Oh, and here's a little more marijuana.

Boy... You're in a heap of trouble....

According to New Castle County Police, Milner was traveling on I-95 with a friend when they reportedly ran out of gas. With an inoperable vehicle, they reportedly began walking down the road.

When the two men flagged down a passing police cruiser for help, the good officer turned his vehicle around to see how he could be of service.

Investigators say Milner and his friend explained to the officer that their car was disabled and they needed a ride. Due to the State's "officer safety law," both men had to have their names checked and be searched before they were allowed in the police car. That's when Milner's day went from bad to worse.

A computer inquiry showed that Milner had three outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was also in possession of seven bags of marijuana and a scale.

Milner was booked into the Howard Young Prison on charges of intent to deliver marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He remains jailed after failing to post $1,500 secured bail.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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