June 17, 2010

Tammy Wilson-Patton - Charged With Marrying Solder While Her Husband Was Deployed To Iraq

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Colorado Springs, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) - Tammy Ann Wilson-Patton, a 29-year-old wife of a Fort Carson Army soldier was jailed after she allegedly married another soldier while her husband was deployed to Iraq.

According to Colorado Springs police, 35-year-old Eugene Alton Patton Jr. returned home in January from a thirteen month deployment overseas. He stated that he communicated with his wife often through email and telephone while he was deployed, and things seemed to be fine between them.

Apparently, things were not what they seemed.

On March 18th, Patton reportedly learned that his wife had allegedly engaged in several affairs and even married another man while he was deployed to Iraq.

Documents show that Mrs. Patton married 26-year-old Kevin Donald Benson, who was also stationed at Fort Carson, on September 14, 2009. Her first husband had been deployed since November of 2008, five months after he and his wife married.

Investigators say Patton used a fictitious social security number and falsified her father's name on the marriage certificate. She also signed an oath stating that there was no reason why she and Benson should not be married.

Mr. Patton reported the incident to his commanding officer, who ordered an annulment of the marriage between Patton and Benson.

Mrs. Patton was booked into jail and charged with bigamy, forgery, and attempt to influence a public servant. She was released Monday after posting $3,000 bond. Her next hearing is scheduled for July 12th.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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