June 11, 2010

Woman Creates New Business Selling Her Excess Breast Milk Over The Internet. Most Of Her Customers Are Males

Exeter, Devon United Kingdom (The Weekly Vice) - 26-year-old Toni Ebdon discovered a unique way to get rid of her extra breast milk - sell it on the Internet.

Ebdon, a single mother and health support worker, states that she made a joke to one of her friends about selling her extra breast milk over the Internet, because she was producing so much of it that her breasts were becoming heavy and painful.

Ebdon started pumping her breast milk and freezing it. She then placed an ad online through www.gumtree.com expecting mothers to respond who couldn't produce the milk themselves. Instead, she was flooded with orders from males who were all to happy to lap up her lactated goods.

Despite the unusual request, she began selling her milk for 15 pounds (or $26) for half a cup. She offers her milk fresh or frozen claiming that it can be kept frozen for up to a month.
Her ad has since been removed because it violated the site's listed rules.

Ebdon now has 10 regular customers and has sold one-and-a-half pints in three months. Her biggest order has been for 12 oz. She plans to continue until her milk dries up.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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