June 25, 2010

Stephanie Foster Stuffs - Charged With Stabbing Couple In Attempt To Steal Baby

Terre Haute, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) Stephanie Foster, a 34-year-old Indiana woman, was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly faked being pregnant before trying to kidnap a new born baby to pass off as her own.

According to the Vigo County Sheriff's Department, Foster spent months faking a pregnancy by stuffing a pillow inside her clothes, forging birth certificates and attending baby showers. Her plan was to kidnap a newborn to pass off as her own.

Foster wanted a baby so badly that when she suffered another miscarriage last fall, she didn't tell her husband. When her husband would ask to feel the baby move, Foster would jostle a paintbrush she'd slipped inside the pillow.

Investigators say as her “due date” approached, Foster began scouring birth announcements for newborns and targeted Ashley and Michael Speer, whose son was born about a month ago.

Foster stopped at the Speers' home Wednesday and asked to use their phone. Ashley Speer let her in while the baby was sleeping in the living room, and Speer’s husband, who works nights, was asleep in a bedroom.

Foster dialed a random number, then hung up and briefly left. Foster returned to the house, pulled out a knife and began stabbing Speer. Michael Speer heard the attack and was stabbed while subduing Foster.

Foster told police she stopped at the Speers' home "with no intent to hurt the couple at all."

Ashley Speer was hospitalized with stab wounds to her arms and back. Her condition has now been upgraded from critical to stable. Her husband was treated for cuts to his arms and stomach and then released.

The infant slept through the attack, was not harmed and is staying with relatives.

Foster was booked into the Vigo County Jail on a charges of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. She is being held without bond.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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