June 24, 2010

Sarah White Had A Secret - Charged With Attempting To Murder Newborn To Cover Up Pregnancy

Henderson, Nevada (The Weekly Vice) - Sarah White, a 19-year-old Henderson teen, was jailed after she allegedly delivered a baby in a bathtub, then tried to kill her by putting it in a plastic bag.

According to Henderson police, White had a baby girl on April 3rd in an upstairs bedroom of her parents' home. She then cut the umbilical cord with a kitchen knife and stuffed the newborn and knife into a plastic bag, intending to dispose of them both.

Her parents walked into the bathroom and found the newborn purple and unresponsive, in a white plastic trash bag. Her father, a trained paramedic, was giving the baby CPR when officers arrived on the scene.

Investigators say the child was taken to St. Rose Sienna Hospital in stable but serious condition. She suffered from hypothermia and an infection, and her breathing had to be assisted by a respirator.

White told detectives that she didn't believe she was pregnant until March when her menstrual cycle discontinued. She never told anyone about the impending pregnancy, although her family reportedly suspected she was pregnant.

She stated that she heard the baby cry and was holding it to her chest when her father arrived. When detectives asked what she would have done with the baby if her parents hadn't found her, she responded, "I have no idea."

White was booked into jail and charged with attempted murder, child abuse, and neglect. She is scheduled to appear in Henderson Justice Court July 1st.

The parents have placed the baby up for adoption and relinquished their rights.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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