June 10, 2010

Robin Roberts Does Her Robbin’ With A Twist

Bridgeport, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Robin Roberts, a 30-year-old convicted felon from Bridgeport, was arrested after she allegedly attempted to steal $600 worth of tools and then grabbed a security worker's genitals when she tried to get away.

According to Dallas Police, Roberts entered the Red Bird Home Depot, collected $600 worth of tools and attempted to leave the store without paying for them.

When a security guard attempted to stop her, the situation took an unusual "twist."

Investigators say Roberts pushed the guard in an attempt to flee, when a struggle ensued. That was when Roberts reportedly grabbed the guard's genitals and then twisted them.

Sometime during the struggle an unidentified man reportedly entered the scene, attacked the guard and then ran away. When the guard backed away from Roberts, she reportedly pulled a knife, which the guard knocked away.

The second suspect allegedly ran back in and tried to take the stolen items from the guard but was unsuccessful.

Roberts was eventually handcuffed at which time she reportedly complained of an asthma attack. Fire and Rescue crews were summoned, who treated Roberts at the scene prior to her incarceration at the Dallas County Jail.

Roberts was originally charged with aggravated robbery, however, the charge has since been reduced to robbery. Prosecutors did not offer a reason for the reduced charge.

Her bond has been set at $200,000.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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