June 21, 2010

Red Light Roundup - Love For Sale At The Five And Dime

(The Weekly Vice) - It's been awhile since we've featured an edition of Red Light Roundup, so we thought we'd bring it back with some variety in mind. Our prostitute line up begins with a few high dollar hookers, followed by those who battle the streets each night for the low dollar tricks that are leftover. We've named it accordingly.... Love for sale at the five and dime.

Naperville - The lineup begins with three hardworking girls, Thoren, 42, Rennicks, 32, and Velasquez, 39, who were nabbed for prostitution after offering their services online and then meeting undercover cops hoping to provide a little something-something for cash. Investigators learned a few more things about Thoren.... Suprise, she runs an in-home child daycare. Never mind her two recent arrests for DUI. Looks like she might have to turn tricks a little faster, as police have now closed down the day care. Although Rennics resides with Thoren, police have not associated her with the daycare's operation.

Westlake - Rosalee Higginbotham, 36, was picked up curbside after offering sex to a detective for cash. She was charged with prostitution and crimes against nature. Just horrible considering nature has been pretty kind to her, it appears.

Pismo Beach - If you've read our Redlight Roundups before, then you can probably guess why Lan Da Chong and Yang Xiao are here. Yep, they're both employed at The Chinese Massage Parlor, where they allegedly offered an undercover cop a "happy ending" to his massage. They might want to rethink advertising their massage parlor on Craigslist. Sort of a red flag there ladies.

St. Charles - Han Chunnu, 45, was nabbed at Med Spa, after offering a "happy ending" as well.

Myrtle Beach - Witnesses called police after witnessing Mindy Weaver, 35, trolling the sidewalk and then hopping into a white van. Cops followed the man's van into an ally where Weaver and the john allegedly got busy. Weaver was quick to say she wasn't having sex. The john, however, knew the jig was up and reportedly admitted to the sex. This is Weaver's third bust for prostitution, according to court records.

Anderson - Johnson, 24, Kenney, 45, Southards, 25, and Davis, 30, were popped when residents complained that prostitutes were trolling for johns and then servicing them at the nearby Hill Top Inn. Considering the harlots that frequent this joint, we're more inclined to think this hotel really exists at the bottom of the hill.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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