June 28, 2010

Ranay Collins To Cops: “Next Time You Come, That [Expletive] Is Leaving In A Body Bag”

Las Vegas, NV (The Weekly Vice) – Ranay Collins, 49, of Las Vegas, was arrested last Thursday after she allegedly beat her daughter with a cane over rent money.

Officers with the Las Vegas Police Department say Collins beat her teenage daughter with a cane over $50.00 worth of rent that she claims her child owed her.

According to authorities, when officers arrived on the scene, the panicked young girl ran toward them, stating that she had been attacked.

The girl went on to tell officers that her mother first called her at work demanding the rent money, claiming they would fight if she didn’t have the cash when she got home.

Collins lived up to her promise: Officers say the girl was hit with a cane on the back of her head, slapped and bitten on the breast. She reportedly hit so hard, the impact broke the cane.

The arrest reports states that when officers confronted Collins about the altercation, she responded by stating, “Yeah, I hit that [expletive].”

She also threatened her daughter in front of officers, telling them, “I’m going to kill that [expletive]. Next time you come, that [expletive] is leaving in a body bag.

Collins has publicly disputed the charges, claiming that the fight was over her daughter stealing things from her, and that the teen initiated the physical violence. She has expressed no regret over her actions.

Collins was booked on charges of battery with a deadly weapon and child abuse with a deadly weapon. She was released on Friday, after posting an unknown bond amount.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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