June 07, 2010

Mother And Nephew Involved In An Incestuous Relationship Charged With Daughter's Rape And Murder, Police Say

Charlotte, N.C. (The Weekly Vice) - Dawn Ward, a 47-year-old North Carolina woman, was arrested Wednesday on murder and incest charges after her daughter was found raped and murdered last month.

According to the Lexington Sheriff's office, Ward was arrested in connection to the rape and murder of her 23-year-old daughter Brittani Ward.

Derek Ward, who is the victim's cousin was arrested late last month for the rape and murder of Brittani Ward after she was found dead inside the apartment she shared with the two suspects.

Police say the incest charge is in regard to Dawn Ward's relationship with her nephew, Derek Ward.

Brittani Ward's body was discovered inside the apartment May 5 after police were contacted by extended family member who shared information with them about the case.

Derek Ward was the first to be arrested, however more investigation into the case revealed the mother's alleged role in the rape and murder of her own daughter. Police have not yet released the specific circumstances of the victim's death.

Dawn Ward was arrested at her parent's home and booked into the Lexington County jail on charges of murder, accessory after the fact to a felony and incest. She was released from Lexington county and extradited to the Mecklenburg County Jail where she is held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

Derek Ward, who is charged with rape and murder, is being held without bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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