June 28, 2010

Michael Rabold And Royanne Darr Had About Three Kids Too Many

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Greenville, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) Pennsylvania couple Michael Rabold, 24, and Royanne Darr, 22, were arrested Wednesday after they allegedly starved their two-month-old son while leaving him outside in the cold because they thought it would help his breathing.

According to the Greenville-West Salem Police Department, two-month-old Isaac Rabold died of malnutrition and dehydration on January 17. The boy also suffered from hypothermia, bed sores, deterioration of the hair follicles and a pervasive rash at the time of his death.

Investigators say Rabold called his mother for help because he noticed Isaac was having difficulty breathing. He put the baby on the front porch at his mother's recommendation, even with temperatures dipping into the 30's.

Darr said they forgot the baby was outside and left him there for more than an hour. When paramedics arrived, they found baby Isaac in critical condition and pale-grey skin. He was taken to a hospital emergency room, where he died.

Isaac was born two months premature and weighed about 6 pounds, 12 ounces. At the time of his death, the infant weight just 6 pounds, 1 ounce.

Darr told police she did not get prenatal care when she was pregnant with Isaac and didn't take the infant to see a doctor after he was born as the hospital had instructed her to do.

Darr and Rabold fed the boy about 2 ounces of formula a day. A baby of Isaac's weight should be fed about 15 ounces a day.

Authorities said the home where the family lived was filthy with trash, dirty dishes and the smell of dog feces. Used diapers were scattered around the home.

Days after Isaac's death, officials with the Mercer County Children and Youth Services went to the home and took custody of the couple's two other children ages 15 months and 2-years-old.

The 15-month-old was treated at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he was also diagnosed with malnutrition.

"She (Darr) said that it was difficult to take care of three kids," said Police Sgt. Paul Molton.

Darr and Rabold were booked into the Mercer County jail on charges of homicide and endangering the welfare of children. They are being held without bond.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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