June 14, 2010

Michael Garris - Jailed After Allegedly Forcing 4-Year-Old Boy To Eat His Own Vomit

Vincennes, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Michael Garris, a 29-year-old Vincennes man, was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly forced a 4-year-old to eat his own vomit.

According to Indiana State Police, an investigation began after the boy's father picked his son up from a visit to his mother's home, only to find that the child had been beaten and forced to eat his own vomit.

Police say Garris was babysitting the child for his girlfriend at their home when he made him some food. When the boy complained he couldn't eat the food, Garris forced him to eat it anyway. When the boy vomited the food up onto the plate, Garris reportedly got mean.

That was when Garris reportedly demanded that the boy eat the rest of his food, including the vomit on the plate. Garris then repeatedly struck the child on the buttocks, which resulted in several bruises.

Garris was taken to the Knox County Jail where he was originally held with out bond. According to the Knox County inmate list, he is no longer incarcerated.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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