June 24, 2010

Jon Venables Strikes Again - Child Murderer Who Spent Just 8 Years In Prison, Arrested Again On Child Porn Charges

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London, England (The Weekly Vice) - Jon Venables, a 27-year-old convicted child murderer who spent just 8 years in prison is back in jail on alleged child porn charges.

Some of you may remember the gruesome and sad tale of 2-year-old James Bulger who was brutally murdered by Venables and his friend when they were only 10.

Emails circulated on a viral level, warning people to keep an eye on their children while shopping. Little James Bulger was shopping with his mother when Venables and his cohort led Bulger away by the hand.

They forced the little boy to walk over a mile but no one asked questions about the crying 2-year-old because many assumed Venables and his accomplice were brothers of the boy.

Initially, the report said Venables and his accomplice tried to stone Bulger to death but when that didn't work, they tried to drown him. When that failed, Venables and his accomplice beat him to death with bricks and an iron bar before placing his body on the railroad track. His body was later cut in two by a passing train.

Bulger was found the next day; naked from the waist down with his penis mutilated.

Venables and his accomplice were found guilty and convicted in 1993. He then spent the next 8 years in prison before his release under an anonymous identity.

His short prison sentence was protested vehemently by the victim's family, however the state championed the boy killer's release as a show-and-tell victory for rehabilitation efforts.

Venables made headlines again today after an investigation allegedly revealed that Venables had downloaded 57 indecent photographs between February 2009 and February 2010.

According to London's Central Criminal Court, Venables also distributed 7 indecent and pornographic images of children as well between February 1st and 23rd of this year.

Information about the case was not made public until just this week when a judge ordered that a gag order on the case be lifted.

Venables was taken back into custody in February as this recent charge violates his parole conditions. He is set to appear in court on July 23rd.

Lacy "knew this would happen" Black
The Weekly Vice

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