June 10, 2010

Joleen Stupar Drank Herself Into A Stupor - Charged With Attempting To Drive At Five Times The Legal Limit

Sheboygan, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) – Joleen Stupar, a 40-year-old Wisconsin woman, was arrested Monday after she allegedly packed her 3-year-old child into a minivan and attempted to drive drunk at FIVE TIMES the legal limit.

According to the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office, Stupar was found passed out behind the wheel of her parked minivan. The van was running and the doors were locked.

Investigators say the officer did not get a response when he knocked and pounded on the van’s window. He was about to break the window out of concern for Stupar’s safety when she finally came to.

The officer motioned for Stupar to roll down the window but she opened the door instead. When he asked her for her license, Stupar reached next to her and tied a plastic grocery bag shut. Inside the bag, the officer reportedly found a half empty bottle of 80 proof Vodka.

Stupar got out minivan and opened its sliding door, revealing she had attempted to drive with a 3-year-old child in tow. The officer contacted the child's father, who took custody of the child while Stupar went to jail.

Stupar’s alcohol blood level was tested at 0.39, which is nearly five times the state's legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. Court records indicate she has been convicted on two prior occasions for driving while intoxicated.

Stupar was booked into the Sheboygan County Jail on a charge of felony count of third-offense- operating while intoxicated.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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